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Hypervolt Home 2.0

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Luxury without the Premium


Hypervolt has developed a flawless, smart, and beautifully-designed charger that meets all your domestic charging needs. The most advanced charger on the market, the Hypervolt Home 2.0 will allow you to charge faster, smarter and in style.

Features include:



Integration With Your Smart Home

Connect to your Amazon Alexa with a few clicks and you can control your charger using your voice when you can’t get the app


Hypervolt Cloud


Control and monitor your Hypervolt Home 2.0 EV Charger by downloading the app to your phone or desktop and connecting your smart home device.

Key features

Hypervolt App

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Hypervolt is the UK’s leading innovator in smart EV charging. To build products users love and accelerate clean energy, charging should be smart tech. We bring a tech approach to charging; focusing on powerful software, design, and user experience. We build enhanced EV charging technology, both software and hardware, for seamless UX and an unparalleled service.