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Monocrystalline PERC Module with Half-Cut Cell Technology and Integrated Power Optimizer


SolarEdge smart solar modules have an elegant design with black frame or all-black options. They are integrated with power optimisers, enabling faster residential installations, simplified logistics, and easier servicing. Leading DC optimization technology combined with guaranteed module performance ensures greater module output, literally straight out of the box.

SolarEdge Smart Modules

Key Features

Increased Performance

Integrated power optimizers and half-cut cell technology for more power from each module

Long-term Warranty

15-year module warranty and 25-year performance warranty

Excellent Reliability

Superior quality control guaranteed by SolarEdge

Improved Pricing

Cost-effective system pricing, with all key components from a single solution provider

Advanced Safety

Unique SafeDC feature designed to automatically reduce modules’ DC voltage to a safe level whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down

Complete Solution

Full system offering, warranty, and service, all from SolarEdge

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SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By deploying world-class engineering capabilities and a relentless focus on innovation, they create smart energy products and solutions that power our lives and drive future progress.