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heat your water with excess solar


The Smart Energy Hot Water is a Smart Energy product that diverts excess energy produced by a PV system to a load, normally a hot water heater. The device saves energy and reduces utility bills by storing energy as hot water during the day when surplus energy is high, and providing free hot water later on in the day.

It integrates with existing SolarEdge products and can be controlled via the SolarEdge inverter or via the app for more flexible programming.

For the immersion to work the SolarEdge inverter will require the Zigbee module to enable communication and the Modbus meter to track consumption.

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The SolarEdge monitoring app can be used to view system performance and easily give you control over your water heating anytime, anywhere.

Providing real-time system visibility, you can you manually or automatically schedule device operation using one of several user-friendly modes, ensuring maximum utilization of available solar energy.

Solaredge Monitoring App

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SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water
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